Production Shot

Manic Butterfly Productions is a film production company with a point of difference. We pride ourselves on being able to make life easier for UK production companies, record labels, advertising agencies and directors when shooting films, commercials or promos abroad.

We have forged relationships with production companies, producers, location managers and other useful people in many different markets so we can turn round any international project in a matter of days. We consider ourselves to be fiercely competitive on budgets and only work with people that we know and trust to ensure that we can deliver on time, on budget but most importantly on brief.

So whether you are shooting a commercial, music video or corporate film whatever your filming needs we can certainly help.

We can provide; production / co-production services or we can simply be your local contact whilst you are in pre-production and production. We can hire everything that you require, as we are on the ground, have excellent local knowledge, speak fluent Spanish and French with access to local crew in all markets. We can secure the most competitive rates available, for accommodation from hotels, villas and apartments, locations, trusted crew and all your lighting, sound and equipment needs.

We can provide all forms of production necessities including all necessary camera equipment (from 35mm cameras to the latest HD and 3D equipment), lighting, sound equipment and technicians, rigging, casting, art department, action vehicles, tracking vehicles, stunt drivers and pilots, catering, make up, styling, special FX and set design. Whatever your requirements are with our local knowledge and trusted teams no task is too great.

Manic Butterfly offer great deals for shooting in Spain, Caribbean, South Africa, Europe, Australia and New Zealand with more crews and partnerships being formed all the time. We pride ourselves on honest open budgeting, great locations and talented crew.

Manic Butterfly work closely with numerous local casting agents and also have access to international models, actors and extras. We can arrange for model photos to be sent to you before you arrive on location and then arrange face to face castings budget allowing. We provide anything from extras for a crowd scene to actors and models for featured artists.

We can provide world class art department and set building around the globe.

Manic Butterfly can fulfil all of your catering needs simply and efficiently.  We can provide on set catering or simply deliver to your set a healthy alternative to shoot food, our selection of homemade meals ranging from fresh salmon, salads, cakes to sandwiches and snacks. Our menus can be designed to fit any dietary requirements and to suit any budget.

We have an affiliation with several photographers and film makers and on recent shoots has managed to provide press photos used in ad campaigns, and ‘making of’ videos that have been played on heavy rotation on MTV for very little extra cost.

Our aim and reason for being is that in the present financial climate we know that we can save you time and money by offering the whole package… the video / commercial, the photographs and the making of video at a fraction of the costs offered by other production houses abroad.
Whether you have a low budget or a huge budget make us your first port of call.